Stock Market Plunge – and 2016

Doing the usual Saturday shows today — and talking about the potential political impact of the sudden stock market plunge. It all depends on its depth and duration. 1) Why is the market plunging in the first place? The stock market has not had a meaningful downturn in years — very rare for it to…

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Biden: Will He — or Won’t He?

Vice President Biden probably has until Oct. 1 — no later than that — to announce whether he’ll make a late entry into the presidential race.  Team Biden has floated trial balloons for a few weeks now. The bottom line at this point:  if he were to run he faces an uphill fight against Hillary…

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The President Who Never Took a Day Off

The President Who Never Took A Day Off

An excerpt from Under This Roof, from Paul Brandus of the award-winning West Wing Reports — pre-orders available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble — and share with your friends! …James K. Polk’s focus on his job, his iron-willed determination to achieve his goals before leaving office, was so intense that he rarely took any time off. In his annual…

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