It's 7:45 am Thursday in Tokyo, where President is getting ready to meet Emperor Akihito; later meetings, news conf. w/Prime Minister Abe
The federal govt. sure is intrusive. For every $1 Texas sends to Washington, it gets back $1.43. #Secede (
@craig_poche Future President Buchanan and Sen. King (later Franklin Pierce's VP) were referred to as "Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy"

1980: Disaster in the Iranian desert...



Obama Warns Kremlin Again

President Obama has issued another warning to Russian President Putin, saying   that further action to destabilize Ukraine's interim government will result in consequences from both the United States and Europe. Mr. Obama told CBS News that it is "absolutely clear" that Russia had violated Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity by annexing Crimea last month, and that the Kremlin is using what he called...

Mind the Gap: Gender Gap Persists With Dems, GOP

BY Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley
  By Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley Sabato's Crystal Ball   News reports that deem a gender gap in polling noteworthy -- with women as more Democratic and men as more Republican -- are...


  EARTH'S climate is changing, whether you like it or not. As it does, other changes—like rising sea levels or falling crop yields—follow. It is easy to see how this might lead to conflict. Competition for ever scarcer resources such as arable land and its bounty can turn ugly. As the...

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