Bill Clinton on Sept. 10, 2001: 'I could have killed' Bin Laden (via @aseitzwald)
Inauguration day 1865: VP Johnson was sick and wanted to skip it; instead downed several stiff drinks; delivered a drunken, slurred speech
Johnson is the only former President who later served in the Senate - serving beside the same men who nearly removed him from office

1923: Calvin Coolidge sworn in - by his Father...



Obama's Hands On, Hands Off Foreign Policy

The U.S. is trying to broker a trio of high-stakes foreign-policy deals over the next few days, but just one of them – a nuclear agreement with Iran – is of particular importance to President Obama. For Mr. Obama, a deal with Iran is one of the only major planks in his foreign-policy agenda that is still within reach. Middle East peace talks, for...

Mind the Gap: Gender Gap Persists With Dems, GOP

BY Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley
  By Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley Sabato's Crystal Ball   News reports that deem a gender gap in polling noteworthy -- with women as more Democratic and men as more Republican -- are...


  EARTH'S climate is changing, whether you like it or not. As it does, other changes—like rising sea levels or falling crop yields—follow. It is easy to see how this might lead to conflict. Competition for ever scarcer resources such as arable land and its bounty can turn ugly. As the...

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