Election Outlook Dims for GOP Senators, Governors

Election outlook is dimming for Republican Senators – and for at least two Governors, per the “Crystal Ball” published by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. The overall Senate outlook is now: 48 Repub, 47 Dems, 5 tossup.   And November prospects for two Republican Governors have also been downgraded:

Obama Admin. Failing on Transparency Front?

President, who says journalists must be more responsible, should practice what he preaches regarding transparency: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/697e3523003049cdb0847ecf828afd62/us-govt-sets-record-failures-find-files-when-asked …

November Outlook: First Update in a Year

First electoral college update in a year shows Clinton with 347 electoral votes – an easy win over Trump (UVA Ctr. for Politics Crystal Ball).   They break down the electoral college as follows: Clinton right now has 190 safe, 57 likely, 100 leaning. Trump: 142 safe, 48 likely, and 1 leaning. Clinton right now…

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The Attack on Ronald Reagan You Don’t Know About

Everybody knows this is the 35th anniversary of the near-assassination of President Reagan. Less known is that after leaving office, Reagan had another scare – attacked on stage during a speech in Las Vegas. Watch: