The President Who Never Took a Day Off

The President Who Never Took A Day Off

An excerpt from Under This Roof, from Paul Brandus of the award-winning West Wing Reports — pre-orders available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble — and share with your friends! …James K. Polk’s focus on his job, his iron-willed determination to achieve his goals before leaving office, was so intense that he rarely took any time off. In his annual…

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A Mea Culpa

I’d like to acknowledge a mistake I recently made. When you work at the White House you cover an awful lot of things–Iran one day, prison reform the next, the minutae of budget battles the day after that. A veritable blizzard of information from numerous sources, phone calls, emails, websites, briefings and more inundates you daily.…

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Obama’s Bet on Iran May Take Years To Pay off

By David Sanger, NY Times VIENNA — Richard M. Nixon’s opening to China more than 40 years ago was a huge Cold War gamble that he could forge a working relationship with a Communist country that had built a small arsenal of nuclear weapons and clearly had long-term ambitions for global power. For President Obama, the deal struck Tuesday morning…

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