Can Obama Flip the House to Democrats?

...tough road to 218 (Photo: Bill Clark/Roll Call)
Stuart Rothenberg/Roll Call


Over the past few weeks, I have heard some people suggest that President Barack Obama’s strategy in pursuing his legislative agenda is more about creating issues for the 2014 midterm elections than about passing legislation.

Whether that is true, it leads to an obvious question: Is the president able to put the House back into Democratic hands, even if he wants to?

Electing a Democratic House next year would allow Obama to push a more unapologetically liberal agenda in his final two years, which he clearly would prefer. And it certainly sounds as if he will be more active during the 2014 midterms than he was in 2010, when his party saw a net loss of 63 House seats and fell into the minority.

He has already committed to holding at least 14 fundraisers for his party’s two congressional campaign committees, including eight for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which will lead the party’s charge to net at least 17 House seats in 2014. He’s also told DCCC Chairman Steve Israel of New York that he will help with candidate recruitment.

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28 February 2013 02:36am
Obama loves to fly around the country and talk. He couldn't be bothered to campaign in 2010, but now I think he realizes how much easier he can get his own way if the entire Congress to be Democrats. That would be a disaster for the country. This president has little regard for the Constitution as it is. There needs to be some restraints. Our forefathers new that people can be corrupted so they designed checks and balances. Whether he can force a change depends on many things.(not least of which is how much fraud is perpetrated in that election.
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