The Jobs Report

Paul Brandus
There's something for everyone in the October jobs and unemployment reports (reports with an "s"...

CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing: Flying High Again, and Again, and Again

Joe Warminsky
Today in Washington THE WHITE HOUSE: It’s Ohio, Ohio and more Ohio today for Obama:...

The Craziest Elections Ever

Bush-Gore Not Even Close

Paul Brandus
In case you haven't been paying attention: The presidential election is shaping up to be...

Final Forecast: President Favored

Obama Likely to Get 290 Electoral Votes

Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik, University of Virginia's Center for Politics
With a slight, unexpected lift provided by Hurricane Sandy, Mother Nature’s October surprise, President Barack Obama...

The Aftermath of Obama's Re-Election

Paul Brandus / WWR
Even without Florida, where the vote counters actually went home before finishing their job, it...

Obama Doubles Down on Revenues

Seeks $1.6 Trillion Over 10 Years

Paul Brandus
  Fresh off his re-election victory, President Obama is upping the stakes in budget and tax...

Takeaways from Election 2012

12 Key Points

Larry Sabato, Kyle Kondik, Geoffrey Skelley
  So what can we glean from last week’s election? Plenty. Here are 12 takeaways from...

Monday Roundup

Paul Brandus
Storm clouds for the fragile U.S. economic recovery: companies are scaling back investment plans at...

Clinton to Middle East

  President Obama has sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Middle East to try...

Obama's Asian Pivot

from Foreign Policy

  During the recently concluded presidential election campaign, the foreign policy debate largely turned on events...

Wednesday Roundup

Curated from The Washington Post
  Fighting between militants in Gaza and the Israeli military continued on Wednesday, leaving uncertain the...

The Man Who Leaped Onto JFK's Death Car

Clint Hill: "It Never Goes Away"

Paul Brandus
  DALLAS – It is the most famous home movie of all time. Just 26.6 seconds...

The Week Ahead: Fiscal Cliff, Cabinet

Congress Returns

Paul Brandus/WWR
Look for talks on the fiscal cliff to heat up this week. The Senate returns...

Photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg?

The Only Photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg? This photo (cropped, the full version is below) found...

Tax, Deficit Talks Accelerate

The Washington Post

Zachary A. Goldfarb and Lori Montgomery
Private talks between President Obama and top congressional leaders in search of a deal to...

Corporate America Comes A Callin'

Paul Brandus
Another batch of CEOs comes to the White House today to talk shop with President...