GOP Fears Party Split

...fear Paul White House bid

Ron Fournier (National Journal)

Ron Fournier, writing in National Journal, says "Inside the cozy enclaves of GOP bonhomie--hunkered at the tables of see-and-be-seen Washington restaurants--Republican leaders are sourly predicting a party-busting independent presidential bid by a tea-party challenger, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in 2016."

"To them, the GOP apocalypse looms larger than most realize. Dueling State of the Union rebuttals and Karl Rove's assault on right-wing candidates are mere symptoms of an existential crisis that is giving the sturdiest Republicans heartburn."

"And yet, the heart of the matter extends beyond the GOP. My conversations this week with two Republican officials, along with a Democratic strategist's timely memo, reflect a growing school of thought in Washington that social change and a disillusioned electorate threaten the entire two-party system."

16 February 2013 10:48am
if only it were a two party system, it has been a multi-lobby system for too long,
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