How Different Does Obama Look Today?

Health good as new term begins

Obama in 2009 (left) and now. (White House Photos)
Paul Brandus (Jan. 18, 2013)


A lot more gray hair and some crows feet under the eyes. The presidency can sure age a guy. But Barack Obama, now 51, looks happy and healthy in this new official portrait (above, right) released by the White House. His 2009 look is on the left. 

And as he settles in for the next four years, how is the president's health? 

A 2011 physical said the president's weight was healthy (180, very good for a 6' 1" man) and that he "on occasion drinks alcohol in moderation." In 2010, doctors advised him to alter his diet to bring down his cholesterol level. In February of that year his overall cholesterol level was 209; in late 2011, another checkup said it had fallen to 193. His LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, fell to 110, from 138.  

He exercises regularly, is said to have finally stopped smoking around three years ago ("there are times when I mess up," he admitted in 2009) and eats healthy. There's a bowl of apples on the coffee table in the Oval Office and a vegetable garden out back. No beets, though. The president doesn't like beets. 

-Paul Brandus


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