Monday Roundup: Feb. 4, 2013

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Good morning...after that, uh, "electrifying," Super Bowl, it's back to work...President Obama heads to Minneapolis for an event on curbing gun safety. There's a report showing the vast new powers Obama and future presidents have to wage war on a brand new front. And the tragic story of a war hero who died at the hands of a comrade - while trying to help him. That and more in this morning's look at what happened while you were sleeping ...from reports that the Obama administration is moving to approve rules for how the military can defend, or retaliate, against a major cyberattack, which will give the president broad new warfighting authority. A look at what happened while you were sleeping - from NewsRoom America amd West Wing Reports:

OBAMA GUN EVENT: President Obama heads to Minneapolis this morning to campaign for his plan to reduce gun violence. He'll meet local officials and police - who have, the White House says, taken important steps to reduce gun violence in the Twin Cities. 

JOBS & ECONOMY: Gun violence and immigration are important issues, no question about it - but some critics are asking why the President hasn't appeared to spend much time in the first few weeks of his new term on the one issue Americans say is even more important: jobs and the economy. The questions come after economic reports showed economic growth slipping - and the unemployment rate rising.

GASOLINE PRICES SURGING: Talk about a pain in the gas. AAA says the average  price of regular nationwide is $3.51, up 17 cents in a week. Over the last month it's up 22 cents - but over the past year, four cents. 

AMERICAN SNIPER KILLED: ABC News: Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and a neighbor took former Marine Eddie Ray Routh - suffering from post-tramautic stress disorder - to a Texas gun range to help him, but for some reason Routh allegedly turned his gun on his two mentors, killing them both, police said.

TAXES AND DEFICITS: The fight over tax rates may be over, but President Obama now says there's "no doubt" that additional revenue is needed to bring down the U.S. deficit. He tells CBS that this can be done "without raising taxes again" - a reference to his desire to close a variety of tax loopholes that deny the government needed revenue. 

HERE COMES THE SUN:  Fox News says Washington Post: More than a quarter-century later, both sides of the immigration debate see President Ronald Reagan’s immigration overhaul as a cautionary tale, but experts say lessons of the past could help lawmakers get it right this time.

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