Monday Roundup: March 4

...what happened while you were sleeping

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President Obama is renewing earlier calls for cuts to Medicare and Social Security. This as he looks to limit the damage from the sequester - mandatory and indiscriminate federal budget cuts. But Obama's offer, made to lawmakers from both parties over the weekend, has a price: Republicans must agree to new taxes. More from Reuters

BUDGET CUTS: "Cut into bone" - that's what the Marine Corps will have to do thanks to severe, mandatory budget cuts. The Corps's top general warned troops and families in a letter over the weekend that the months and years ahead may be painful. More from USA Today

MILITARY FORECLOSURES: The New York Times says the nation’s biggest banks wrongfully foreclosed on more than 700 military members during the housing crisis and seized homes from roughly two dozen other borrowers who were current on their mortgage payments. The findings eclipse earlier estimates of improper evictions.


EDUCATION TESTS DIVISIVE: The LA Times says the use of standardized tests to judge students and their teachers is dividing educational policy across the nation and splitting school board candidates locally.

ELECTING A POPE: Roman Catholic cardinals from around the world are due to meet in Rome to begin the process of electing the next Pope. More from the BBC

EGYPT AID: Here's an irony: Secretary of State John Kerry, in Cairo Sunday, advised Egypt's politicians to stop bickering and work together to grow their economy. Fox News says the U.S. is pledging to give Egypt $250 million more in aid, following President Mohammed Morsi's promise of political and economic reform.

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