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...what about the economy?

NewsRoom America and West Wing Reports (Jan. 31, 2013)

Good morning...Gun control and immigration are certainly very important issues, but are they taking President Obama's attention away from the top issue of all: the wobbly economy? That's our top story this morning. Also: why doesn't Congress seem too worried over looming spending cuts that could spark a new recession? Here's a roundup of headlines made overnight...while you were sleeping...from Newsroom America and West Wing Reports for Thursday, January 31, 2013: 

IT'S THE ECONOMY: President Obama has spent much of his time in the first days of his new term focusing on gun control and immigration. No one denies that these are important issues, but are they taking his attention away from the economy? The question has added relevance since yesterday's report showing the economy declined in the last three months of 2012. More from AP.

CONGRESS NOT WORRIED OVER FEDERAL CUTS? The big drop in defense spending was the biggest driver in the new economic slowdown - but it's nothing compared to the cuts that are scheduled to begin in March. Yet, as Reuters points out, lawmakers don't seem too worried. 

ISRAEL REPORTEDLY BOMBS SYRIA: Israel has long said that if it suspected Syria was transferring chemical weapons to the terror group Hezbollah, it would act. Is that what happened Thursday when Israeli warplanes attacked either a research facility or a weapons convoy? The attack - the first on Syria since 2007 - is raising lots of questions. Reports from the Washington Post and BBC

NRA CHIEF SPEAKS OUT: The president of the powerful National Rifle Association sat down for an interview with USA Today...and David Keene had some interesting things to say. Meantime, the shooting death in Chicago of a 15-year old girl who performed in President Obama's inaugural parade has added a new dimension to the debate over gun violence. That from CNN

NY TIMES HIT BY CHINESE HACKERS: The Times covers a story that hits close to home: its own newsroom, which it says has been hit repeatedly by hackers from China. Why? Perhaps an ongoing investigation by the Times into some shady business dealings by relatives of a powerful Chinese official...

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