Morning Roundup: Wednesday, Jan. 30

Guns, Immigration, Spending Cuts, Hillary, Boeing and more

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Wednesday, 30 January: Here's a look at what happened while you were sleeping...from NewsRoom America and WestWingReports: The so-called "sequester" that would force big cuts in gvernment spending - including at the Pentagon - seem inevitable, both Republicans and Democrats say...the White House is doing whatever is necessary to get its choice to run the Pentagon update on both gun control and immigration...and an automaker recalls more than a million vehicles - is your car safe? 

BIG PENTAGON CUTS LIKELY: Both Republicans and Democrats say deep, across-the-board spending cuts will probably hit the Pentagon and other federal agencies on March 1. More in the Washington Post

HAGEL HEARINGS BEGIN THURSDAY:  Reuters:  The White House is pulling out all the stops to make sure that President Obama's choice to lead the Pentagon, former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, gets all the support he needs. 

IMMIGRATION FIGHT TO BE "EMOTIONAL": CNN: President Obama has acknowledged a fierce debate ahead on immigration, an issue he described as emotional and challenging.

GUN DEBATE LATEST:  As antigun measures struggle to win support of lawmakers, firearm critics urge President Obama to bypass Congress where possible, while some local leaders are taking matters into their own hands. The story from Fox News

HILLARY 2016?:  In her final TV interview as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton told ABC's Cynthia McFadden that she is "flattered and honored" at the intense interest in whether she might run for president in 2016. But will she run? 

NEW HORRORS IN SYRIA:  If it's possible, Syria's civil war has reached "unprecedented levels of horror", a United Nations envoy says. More from the BBC

REPORT: BOEING KNEW OF DREAMLINER PROBLEMS:  Boeing, which is betting its future onits futuristic 787 Dreamliner, knew of problems with the plane's lithium-ion batteries before a string of recent failures led to 787s being grounded, says the New York Times

TOYOTA RECALL:  Toyota has recalled more than one million vehicles in the U.S. Is your car safe? USA Today:

BP OIL SPILL:  Now that the Justice Department's criminal probe of BP has been resolved, the company faces billions of dollars more in civil penalties for its role in the  massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. More from the AP.

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