Presidential Trivia (Part II)

...stuff you might not know

Paul Brandus (Feb. 18, 2013)

Presidents Day trivia...Round Two. Did you know: 

  • Eight Presidents were left handed.
  • Fourteen Presidents were previously Vice-Presidents.
  • Youngest President: Theodore Roosevelt, 42.
  • Youngest elected President: Kennedy, 43.
  • Oldest President elected? Reagan, 69.
  • Most common Presidential religion? Episcopalian.
  • Tallest President? Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson, 6'4".
  • Shortest President? Madison,  5'4".
  • Eighteen Presidents never served in Congress, including many recent ones: Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush.
  • Nine presidents never attended college.
  • The college that has produced the most Presidents? Harvard.
  • Eight presidents weren't born in the U.S. and weren't born as American citizens.
  • Most common profession prior to becoming President? Twenty-six were lawyers. 
  • Twelve presidents were generals.  

-Paul Brandus

18 February 2013 02:30pm
Who were the 9 who never attended college. Who were the 8 were weren't born in the US?
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