Republicans Still Have a Birther Problem

...some still think there's a cover-up

Jon Terbush (The Week)


With a budget showdown looming and a massive immigration overhaul waiting for a vote in the House, a handful of Republicans in the lower chamber are focusing on something more pressing: President Obama's birth certificate.

Though the president released his long-form birth certificate more than two years ago, the conspiracy theory that he was not born in America has, in some corners of the GOP, lingered.

At a town hall-style meeting over the weekend, Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) appeared to take the notion quite seriously when asked whether he would join some fellow House GOPers in pushing for a deeper dive into Obama's past. Indeed, he faulted the last Congress for failing to take on Obama over his birth certificate, and that as a result, "unfortunately the horse is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue."


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15 August 2013 03:28pm
Yes they have a problem as some of them need to find out if they are born or just hatched. Mostly the chickens who deferred from serving this country. Rush, Libby,Chaney. Boehner, Hanney, Bush (whinney), etc.....
13 August 2013 07:38pm
You're kidding, right? When the Supreme Court says Obama is an American Citizen, he's an American Citizen.
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