Ronald Reagan on the White House Press Corps

Paul Brandus (Mar. 3, 2013)


Amid the never ending tug of war between the President (any President) and the White House press corps, here's an interesting observation made in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan: 

"...a President institutionally seeks to wield power to accomplish his goals for the people. The press complicates the wielding of that power by using its own great power, and that makes for friction. Every President will try to use the press to his best advantage and to avoid those situations that aren't to his advantage. To do otherwise results in a diminution of his leadership powers. The press is not a weak sister that needs bracing. It has more freedom, more influence, than ever in our history. The press can take care of itself quite nicely. And a President should be able to take care of himself as well."

Mr. Reagan made the remarks at the 1988 White House Correspondents Association dinner.
-Paul Brandus 
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