Separate Vacations for the Obamas?

...First Lady reportedly skiing

Mrs. Obama on a prior ski trip
Paul Brandus (Feb. 15, 2013)

After a gun violence event in Chicago today, President Obama heads to West Palm Beach, Fla., for some R&R. It's President's Day weekend after all. He'll play golf and get some sun, no doubt. But Michelle Obama apparently won't be with him. An Aspen, Colorado newspaper reports she'll be skiing. The White House hasn't said anything, but here's what the Aspen Daily News reports: 

"First lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are expected to visit the Aspen area over the holiday weekend, according to sources.

It is unclear who they will be traveling with and few details were available about the trips, other than Biden is expected to be staying in Snowmass Village, according to sources familiar with the visit who asked not to be identified." 

Read the full Daily News report here



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