Stat of the Day: How Rich is Your Congressman?

...richer than you

Paul Brandus (Apr. 2, 2013)

How rich is your Congressman? Chances are he or she is richer than you - a lot richer. 

According to, all 535 members of Congress (that's 435 members in the House and 100 in the Senate) have a median net worth of about $966,000. Median, of course, means half have more than that and half less. Meantime, the median net worth of the typical American household, says the Census Bureau? $66,740. 

That means the average member of Congress is about 14.6x better off than you. And the newest crop of lawmakers are even better off: their median net worth at the end of 2011 was $1,066,515 - more than 16 times what you're worth. 

The full report from is here

-Paul Brandus

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