What's News Friday, Feb. 8

...blizzard, Brennan hearings, cop killer on the loose

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Finding Nemo won't be a problem for the Northeast U.S., as a menacing and powerful blizzard (named Nemo) takes aim at the East Coast. Airlines have canceled thousands of flights, cities are in emergency mode and citizens are being warned: Don't travel if you don't have to. Here's a closer look at that - and other things that happened while you were sleeping - from NewsRoom America and West Wing Reports... 

MONSTER STORM APPROACHES...A menacing and powerful blizzard is taking aim at the Northeast U.S.: forecasters say some areas could get hammered with up to two feet of snow. Tens of millions of people face power outages and travel disruptions. Cities are battening down the hatches, schools are closed, and citizens are urged to stay home. Reports this morning from Fox News.

WAR ON TERROR: A Senate hearing on the nomination of John Brennan to serve as CIA director has exposed deep skepticism of key aspects of the Obama administration’s approach to fighting terrorism, including its unprecedented reliance on targeted killing and the secrecy it maintains around the exercise of that lethal power. More from The Washington Post.

OBAMA, BISHOPS AND BIRTH CONTROL: Many American bishops say the Obama administration's latest compromise on birth control coverage and religious employers doesn't go far enough to answer church concerns. More from Fox News. 

ARMING SYRIAN REBELS: Pentagon officials tell Congress that they had supported a recommendation to arm Syrian rebels promoted by the State Department and the CIA - but the idea was shot down by the White House. The story from Reuters. 

FUGITIVE KILLER EX-COP:  A massive manhunt for a former L.A. police officer continues...he's linked to the deaths of three people and says he is taregting police officers and their families. More from the ">L.A. Times. 

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