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Just one item on President's schedule today, as he prepares for Tuesday night's State of the Union: He'll award Clinton Romesha, a former active duty Army Staff Sergeant, the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. Staff Sgt. Romesha will receive the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions while serving in Afghanistan on October 3, 2009. He will be the fourth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan. Here's a look at some other things that happened while you slept...for Monday, Feb. 11 from West Wing Reports and NewsRoomAmerica:  

BLIZZARD AFTERMATH...the Northeast continues to dig out from that monster snowstorm. Thousands are still without power and there's trouble in the weather forecast. Reports from USA Today and CBS

STATE OF THE UNION...Jobs, immigration reform and gun control are among the items that will highlight President Obama's State if the Union address Tuesday. But there's another important item that's not getting as much attention: he'll call for a drastic reduction in the world's nuclear arsenals. More from The New York Times. And as is customary for Presidents, Mr. Obama will travel to three states later this week to drum up support for his policy proposals.

"ASSASSINATION COURT"...It sounds like thriller fiction, but this is real: Fox News says U.S. senators are now floating the idea of an assassination court as a way to rein in the ever-expanding and highly secretive drone program. 

GUN DEBATE...as the debate over guns continues, NBC has taken a look at every known gun death that occurred over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend — 91 people in all - while President Barack Obama marked his second inauguration.

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