You'll Never Believe What JFK Said Hours Before His Murder assassination joke - hours before his murder
Paul Brandus

It was the morning of November 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy was in Fort Worth, Texas, preparing to go to Dallas for a motorcade through the streets of Big D - a city he didn't like and which judging by the 1960 election, didn't like him. 

In his hotel suite at the Hotel Texas, an aide showed the President a nasty full page ad in the Dallas Morning News, accusing him of treason.

"Wanted for Treason" - what President Kennedy saw on the day of his assassination


William Manchester, in "Death of a President," describes what happened next: 

"Kennedy saw it for the first time. He read each word, his face grim, and handed it to Jackie. Her vivacity disappeared; she felt sick. The President shook his head. In a low voice he asked Ken (Presidential aide O'Donnell) 'Can you imagine a paper doing a thing like that?'"  

And then Kennedy, referring to Dallas. said 'You know we're heading into nut country today.' 

The President prowled the floor. Abruptly he paused in front of his wife:

'You know, last night would have been a hell of a night to assassinate a president.' He reflected that "anyone perched above the crowd with a rifle could do it.'" 

He added: 

"I mean it."

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